Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spring Newborn Sessions

 I had a few newborn shoots all around the same time, so I was busy busy.  I posted some of these to Facebook, but realized I never shared them here.  So I'll have you meet Baby W, The Twins, and Baby J.  The two boys are cousins and will be forever lucky to be so close in age.  The Twins were the tiniest babies I had ever held and sweet as ever!  I went home wishing I had a little baby to love on since mine has been growing like a weed since day one.

I have felt so blessed to be a part of this special time of life for these families!

Here's Baby W.

The Twins.

And squishy Baby J.

I love this last one we got!  Mom wanted a cute picture of all the kiddos, but two of the older ones were sick sick.  So in order to keep Baby safe from germs, we decided a cute foot picture would do for right then.  We caught up later and took some great kiddo pics that I'll have to blog.  I thought it was so funny how we had to resort to phones to get them to sit still for a couple seconds.  
We had tried everything!

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  1. That phone/foot picture is actually awesome! It captures "our time" in a really creative way, I love it! It's funny when unintentional things turn out amazing.